What we do

We offer a number of services in the design, property consulting and management service delivering creative solutions for your home.

Our unique selling point is that we offer a bespoke, discreet and personal service to all our clients.  We can make the difference for your property and help maximise either its purchase price or its potential in terms of rental return.

When it comes to making your property stand out in a competitive market, staging your house with the right furniture and accessories can make a world of difference!

Our core services include:

  • Home staging

  • Property Management

  • Design Services

  • Furniture rental and sourcing

We have an extensive range of high quality furniture and accessories so whether it’s a modern or period property, house or apartment with your needs and personal requirements in mind we do all the hard work for you.



What is Home Staging?

It’s the Science of selling your home quickly and getting the desired price.  So if you want to really achieve a good price for your property you should consider home staging it with us.

Most people form an opinion within 10 seconds of entering a property……first impressions definitely do count!  We’ve all gone into a showhouse and thought – wow, I’d love to live here! But have you gone into a home with nothing in it and tried to imagine what you can do with it? It’s often a struggle for a potential buyer.

Staging a home involves an honest examination and re-imagining of the space so it feels perfectly suited to the potential buyer.

In short, the potential buyer needs to imagine themselves living there. You want viewers to feel as if they could move in the next day.

We will come in and furnish it, style it and dress it using the most beautiful pieces of furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories.

Houses that are cluttered and tired looking take longer to sell and also can fail to reach their potential best selling price. Also, if there is another house on the street for sale yours needs to look better! To use a US euphemism, “Its gotta have Curbside Appeal".

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and maximise your home’s potential purchase price talk to us! 


Consultancy Services


Over the years we have developed an excellent client base who call on us for consultancy services. These services include architectural advice for renovations, how to declutter your home for rentals or sale, and even how to add colour and new furniture to the look and feel you have already created for your property.  Whatever your request for your property we have the expertise to work with you!



Why do we offer a furniture rental and sourcing service?


 You may not want to spend money on purchasing new furniture for a property that you are about to sell but it is worth considering counting the cost of it sitting stagnant on the market.

Research shows that a furnished home will create the imagery that people can imagine themselves in the home. 

So that’s where we come in! We will supply the furniture and design service so you can avoid the huge financial outlay and also solves the problems of storing it when the house is sold.

If someone loves a piece of furniture that we have supplied to your home, we can also source those special pieces that you or your client may desire to purchase.


With over 20 years experience in Property Development and Management we can offer a wealth of advice and a bespoke service tailored to suit your needs which includes the following:

  • Home Management 

  • Supervising Home Renovations

  • Ensuring efficient Repairs and Maintenance within an agreed budget 

  • Keyholding and property checks

 Do give us a call to discuss your requirements.


We strive to make every house look like a home.

Below is a sample of our work, showing how we can transform a room with carefully chosen pieces of furniture and accessories.


Living Room






Ross Power and Margaret Mallon are a husband and wife team with over 20 years’ experience in property development, management and more recently home staging.

Ross holds an Honors degree in architecture and has extensive experience in Architectural Design, building and planning. He has been responsible for the renovations and construction for some of South Dublin’s premier seafront properties and the management of a large portfolio of high end properties over the years.

Ross has worked in the Corporate Property Market throughout his career, developing an esteemed list of clientele from Multinational Companies, Embassies and Banking Institutions.

Prior to working in the Property Management and Home Staging Environment Margaret worked for an International Company as a Customer Services Manager and Department Head.

While Margaret and Ross manage every aspect of any project they are involved in, offering a personal bespoke service with an unrivaled attention to detail, they are supported by a strong and trusted team of tradespeople to provide any additional services required.


Ross - +353 862632250


Margaret - +353 868396169